British Monarchy - Should They Stay or Should They Go? Yona Oshrat

Topics: Monarchy, Monarchy of the United Kingdom, Commonwealth realm Pages: 4 (1579 words) Published: March 9, 2013
British monarchy - Should they stay or should they go? Yona Oshrat The nurse Jacintha Saldanha was looking after Prince William’s wife Kate – who was suffering from morning sickness – when two Australian DJs called the hospital impersonating The Queen and Prince Charles. Believing the call was genuine she then transferred the call to the ward where Kate was staying where another nurse gave information about Kate’s condition. The nurse found hanged after the hoax call to the hospital - she committed suicide. The British Royal Family is well known all over the world, partly due to the fact that Britain once ruled large parts of the world, but also because of all the scandals and difficulties that have made bold and sensational newspaper headlines nationally as well as internationally. The Briton’s interest in the Royal Family varies from being totally obsessed by them to being highly ignorant about them. So, the question I pose is whether or not the monarchy has served its purpose and whether or not it is the system of state we need for the 21st century? Should they stay or should they go? It is the question that has surrounded the British monarchy for years. The issue tends to raise its head during events of major royal significance. I would like to make a few remarks concerning the monarchy in Britain. Firstly, a hereditary monarch representing the society of medieval England is intolerable in a modern democratic state. It represents the high class system in Britain, promoting social division, snobbery, and separating them form ordinary hard working people. Britain will never become a meritocracy, where people are given opportunities according to their ability, not according to their birth, if the monarchy remains. As long as the monarchy survives, so will the class system in Britain.

Secondly, it is unacceptable that the British tax payer should be paying £75,000,000 a year to support one of the richest families in Britain (wealth accumulated of course form...
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