British Army and Dear Friends

Topics: British Army, Duncan I of Scotland, King Duncan Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Write a speech to convince the British army to help you fight Macbeth.

My dear friends! I call for your support. Here I am urging for your support. Yes you, all strong soldiers of the English army. This is the time we must stand up and fulfil our responsibility of protecting my kingdom and your kingdom. Our hearts filled with conscience, beating desperately hard to tell us to not withstand this injustice world anymore. I am Malcolm, the crown prince of Scotland. My kingdom and our people used to enjoy the peace and happiness under the reign of my beloved father, King Duncan. To me, Scotland is a beautiful and happy place where I grow up in. Now, under the rule of the new, cruel man named Macbeth, the people who are suffering from his wrath is increasing every single day.

We were all fooled by Macbeth. He seemed to be a virtuous, honourable man but deep down inside, he is an evil. This hypocrite has acted as my father’s right hand for years, yet his greedy and ambitious heart had long planned to snatch the crown. His hands are covering with sins and blood of the innocence. And I will never forgive this traitor who assassinated the righteous King Duncan when he had the king's deeply trust.

Scotland is now sinking into the darkness created by Macbeth. We need your help. All the civilians in Scotland need your help. Do you know? Death is fearful, but living in this hell is a million times worse than dying. Death is the final end and that you will no longer feel any pain. Yet living in hell will tear you apart for its tiring, painful and never ending torture. My dear friends! Please come and save all the civilians who now have to live in these nightmares. Please come to end the screaming and crying and restore peace and laughter. Shall we come to free the poor spirits Macbeth has stepped on? Or continue to cover our eyes and conscience and let them suffer?

If we stand here and do nothing, sooner or later, Macbeth’s soldiers will know on your doors. Listen...
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