British and American Governments

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  • Published : November 20, 2010
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British and American Governments

Both British and American Governments have their similarities and differences. Some significantly more distinct than others, but all individually important for the most part. Comparisons include everything from slightly inconsequential fun facts to conditions regarding leaders, houses, and the political parties. An extreme lack in similarities goes to show how exceptionally dissimilar these two political systems truly are. Some of the more noticeable comparisons deal primarily with situations involving the idea of a constitution, elections, and the different types of houses and branches.

Perhaps the most fundamental difference is the constitution, or the lack of one. The United States of America has a written constitution which is exceedingly difficult to modify. The UK however, lacks the existence of any type of document called the constitution. But instead, its constitutional provisions are dispersed over an assortment of Parliamentary acts, all of which can be altered by a straightforward majority in the Parliament (Darlington 1). In the United States, the Constitution is essentially the highest law, but all others fundamentally come from it in some way. This document also provides the framework for the government of the United States, and creates things like the Presidency, the Congress, and the Supreme Court. Despite the fact that each state individually has its own constitution, the main one concerning the United States as a whole has power over them all. The USA has a written constitution while the constitution of the United Kingdoms is unwritten (Mount 1).
British elections contain no primaries. Lasting only about three or four weeks, election campaigns are preferred to be kept as short as possible to avoid the publics resentment of propaganda bombardment and overall loss of interest. There are also no set dates for general elections. Since it is entirely by choice of the...
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