British Airways

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British Airways
British Airways went through a struggle in the 1980’s to 1990’s due to a recession that they had not planned for or had seen coming. When this recession happened, they did not know how to face these new challenges and succeed in this new time of environment. Because British Airways consisted of two other state run airlines due to a merger in the 1970s, they had issues with unity amongst all branches. The management was too focused on fixing the problems of the merger that the environment of the company as a whole was neglected. While the focus should have been on satisfying their customers and creating a team of people that could efficiently give them good service, the focus was on the merger of all the companies and the technicalities within them. They tried to compensate for their lack of quality service by buying off their customers with free food. They were overstaffed and had an abundance of people who could have made the service above and beyond great and efficient, but the staff in entirety was not properly trained so more people doing a bad job made matters worse.

When Sir John King was appointed chairman in 1981, things started to take a turn for the better, or I should say worse. He came up with a plan to save the company from their fall into bankruptcy, but before things had to get better they had to get worse. They began to put out better marketing campaigns that changed how people viewed their company. When Colin Marshall became chief executive in 1983, he focused on customer service and gave out a sincere message to customers that they were cared for free of manipulation. This lead the company to advance and make even more positive changes within productivity, cost-efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Although this company went through hard times and handled situations in negative ways, when the right leaders stepped in and directed the company in a new way, there was much accomplished. It wasn’t perfect for a long time....
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