British Air Ways

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Question 1

Examine BA’s Strategic decisions over the past 5 years and state what you consider to be the most crucial for the next 5 years. Give your reasons.

The strategic decisions that they have taken for the last past 5 years can be given as follows.

• A strong marketing campaign focusing on customer care.

• Expanding their destinations & global connections.

• Differentiated service levels that are offered to the customers.

• Requirements & preferences for business customers.

• Providing a travel agency service facility.

• Safety & security of life, by giving an assurance of 1st class maintenance.

• Use of information technology for customer beneficiary.

• Purchasing & leasing the optimum type of air craft for the particular route or market conditions.

• Focusing on cost effective purchasing.

• Introducing the cargo service.

• Training the employees for an efficient & effective customer care.

• Reducing cost while improving service quality.

The most crucial strategies that are taken from the above list that would be helpful for the next 5 years to British air ways.

• Assurance of life & safety

▪ When it comes to the air craft industry, the main or the key aspect that the customer is looking at is the safety & security of their lives. No man would like to go in a flight paying a considerable amount of money & risking his life.

▪ By marketing an excellent reputation of airway engineering & aircraft maintenance, they promote themselves giving a good reliance to their customers.This reputation will help them to gain more customers in the future.

• Customer oriented & focused service provider.

▪ Any business should focus on its customer as they are the people who buy the product & the whole business depends on them.

▪ There is a competitive market for the airway industry; the customer goes to the best service provider.

▪ When it comes to the services that British Airways offer, the flights to different destinations is an advantage, as it can attract many customers.

▪ The different levels of classes that they offer to the customers such as Business class, First class, Club Europe, & Club world.

▪ By giving attention to the private passengers & tourist, they add more value to their service; the marketing campaign will be easily done by word-of-mouth.

▪ Services of extra cabin services, special arrangements for the children & young families, holiday bookings & cargo services will help them gain their sustainability in the next 5 years.

• The excellent employee training programme.

▪ To provide a 100% quality service to the customer, both tangible & intangible products needed to be perfect.

▪ When it comes to the airway service more priority should be given to the intangible services as the customer care.

▪ You can make your external customers Happy & satisfied only you internal customers are happy & developed.

▪ The cabin crew, airhostesses, stewards needs to have a good knowledge on how to handle customers, airline management, etc

▪ By giving a training & knowledge on such situations they will be able to provide a better quality service.

▪ The knowledge you gain today will be an advantage for you tomorrow. So it will be the same to British airways as well. As they will have a knowledgeful & a skillfull workforce in future, this will help them to be a sustainable. Not only would that but also help them to stay ahead of their competitors. It will be easy to copy a product, but human capabilities cannot be copied.

Question 2

What are the practical implementations of meeting the new goals set by the company for the millennium? How far...
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