Britains Policy of Salutary Neglect

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  • Published : December 5, 2010
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* Britain’s policy of Salutary Neglect guided the American Society in Legislative assemblies, commerce, and religion; it is because of these factors that made the Americas a thriving world source for trade and many other things. Point One:

* Because of salutary neglect, citizens were able to form their own legislative assemblies and were free to make their own decisions. * Legislative Assemblies were formed out of the same principle of the British House of Commons. * The principle of government in the House of Commons was that government should represent the people. * To begin, legislation was readily discussed in various areas throughout the new world. In New England, a convention was launched, and delegated power to town officials. * The officials had meetings where they discussed the future of their country. * . Similarly, a council was started in Virginia, the House of Burgesses, which acted as a legislative body for the Virginia colony. Point Two:

* Because it helped the colonists expand trade with other countries. * escaped the strict laws of the English system in free America * England times were commercially tough, especially in the 1600's with the Glorious Revolution taking shape. But in America, tobacco, cotton, and manufacturing began to ascend to the economic throne. * In fact, the reason that many colonists arrived in the new world was to escape the control of the monarch and the Parliament. * Additionally, in the colonies, there was a policy of states’ rights which also played a role in giving power to the people. Point Three:

* Religious times grew immensely with salutary neglect
* From the beginning, America was a place to practice religion freely. * Puritans and separatists all flocked to America to practice religious freedom. * The Quakers were given freedom to practice their religion in Pennsylvania. * The "Catholic Haven" of Maryland was granted freedom...
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