Britain and American Influence on Australian Pop Culture in the 1950s

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  • Published : May 14, 2012
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The Influence of American and British Popular Culture on Australia in the 1950s In the 1950s America and Britain influenced Australia’s popular culture in a number of ways. Although Australia’s national identity is evident in every part of popular culture, America and Britain both had a significant impact on the development of Australian culture since World War Two. Throughout out the decade they changed the way people thought about Australian fashion, music and entertainment. Fashion was based around celebrity images and American cinema and television became a big hit. In the 1950s, the fashion industry was based mostly around teenagers and young adults. Before this time, adolescents were expected to follow in their parents’ footsteps, but because of the new rebellious era and fashion trends, teenagers were breaking away from this tradition. During this time the economy boosted due to an increase in employment, and parents started to earn more money. This mean they were now able to afford to give their children generous pocket money, leading to an increased buying power and increased sale in the youth clothing industry. Because most trends were now revolved around teenagers, a new freer, loser, laid back style came in, which was a big change to the previous formal trends worn by an older generation. The introduction of American cinema and music also had a substantial impact on fashion in Australia. Teenagers and young adults were copying the outfits they saw their favourite actors and music artists wearing. Popular music artists such as Elvis Presley influenced the fashion industry immensely. His rock and roll fashion style inspired young boys all over Australia to wear bright colours, flashy suits, loose button up shirts and slicked back hair. These rock and roll style trends were also followed by adolescent girls. Full skirts and calf length trousers known as ‘pedal pushers’ were worn by many. The film industry also impacted fashion widely in Australia....
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