Britain After Two World Wars

Topics: World War II, British Empire, United Kingdom Pages: 4 (1583 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Britain after Two World Wars

There was a country once called “the empire on which the sun never sets”, and it used to be the most powerful countries in the world. It’s the Britain. Britain plays an extremely important role of the world in the modern history. It used to take the lead carrying out Bourgeois Revolution and have the original Industrial Revolution. After two world wars, especially the World War II, this old-fashion empire gradually goes downhill. Finally and eventually, it has no choice to say goodbye to the world hegemony, and become a second-class nation. However, it also has some influences in international politics. Besides, it makes endless efforts to improve its international image. In 1918, the World War I ended. Though the Britain was in victory, it paid sorely for the war. A great number of soldiers and civilian people died during the war. It had to face unprecedented economic damage. Britain carried a heavy debt on its back, which immediately effected the postwar industrial investment. Britain’s international financial status started to shake. Meanwhile, many British colonies became independent from Britain, which brought a serious problem to Britain’s politics and economy. Despite being on the winning side, Britain was completely bankrupt after the WWII. Britain finally had to accept the fact that it was no longer a major power in the world. During the Post-War Years (1945-1952), the Labour Government had to take many actions to improve standards of living, move to a “mixed economy”, close the trade gap, and it made a remarkable success in these aims. It was a difficult time for Britain. During the dark early days of the War, one of the most important policies was the “Welfare State System” which mainly consists of four aspects: Social Insurance, Social Relief and Aid, National Heath Service and Personal Social Service. It was now time for Labour to put the Beverage Plan into full operation. To deal with the social...
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