Britain's Salutary Neglect Policy

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  • Published : September 25, 2012
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Kyle Gilmer
Essay Question #1
For the period before 1750, Britain’s policy of salutary neglect influenced American society, despite that many British citizens opposed the policy. The policy increased legislation, commerce, and religion prior to 1750.

Legislation was already discussed throughout regions of the new world. In New England, a convention was planned and delegated power to the town officials. The officials held meetings where they discussed the future of the colony and what is best for it. Similar, Virginia started a council called the House of Burgesses, which was a legislative body for the Virginia colony. A governor was appointed, but still representatives to be choose than in England. The reason many colonist traveled to the new world was to escape the monarch and Parliament in England. In addition, in the colonies, there was a policy of state rights which allowed giving power to the people. If salutary neglect wasn’t existed, England would have total control over America. But because the policy is there, America’s legislation was able to thrive.

Another successful point in American economics would be the commerce and industry, which didn’t follow the laws of the English system in America. In England, around the 1600’s when the Glorious Revolution was around, commerce was really tough. But back in America, tobacco, rice, indigo, cotton, and manufacturing began to ascend to the top of the economy. While in Virginia, John Rolfe aided tobacco which became very popular in Virginia. Cotton thrived more down south while manufacturing found its way in the northeast. Each of these industries/crops provided America with a strong commercial economy that wouldn’t have been successful without salutary neglect. Without any navigational laws in effect, the United States had a huge economic takeover. The triangle trade route provided three continents with the goods/products they need to sustain their citizens, lower the rate of inflation, and boost...
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