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Brita’s Company

• Brita Pitcher-filter water system Price: $15.16 pitcher system and $4.10 filter • Brita faucet system Price: $34.99/$39.99 Faucet System
Place: Pitcher system: main health food chains introducing department stores, mass merchandise, grocery stores, club stores, drug stores. (Minimum advertised price). Faucet to be launched. Promotion: They are very focused in taste for pitcher. It has been a good decision since I think probably to try to find another proposal for purity and health for the faucet system. Diagnosis: The first question is can we launch faucet system? Or would it cannibalize the pitcher system in which we are the leader? I think we definitely should launch the faucet system it is cheaper so we can access to another segment of customers. Also the faucet could even convince people that regularly drink water directly from the tap, because it last longer, and the cost is lower compared to the pitcher. It even helps the customer get to know Brita and improve taste on water, and even evolution as a Brita customer, first the faucet system then the pitcher. Then how would we promote the faucet in order to differentiate it from the pitcher? Would the taste be also the main focus on our campaign? Or should we focus on health and bacteria? Even though public is not very aware of the bacteria issues on water. Another question is to launch the faucet filter with the Brita brand? I think it would be easier to introduce the faucet as part of brita water systems. It would also improve brand image since we will be promoting innovation, and serving other customer’s needs positioning brita as a more complete brand.

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