Brit Lit.

Topics: Faith, Religion, Christianity Pages: 3 (985 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Jake Zentmyer
Ms. Lavelle
British literature
In today’s modern society only 33% of the world is consider to be Christian. Many people today have a common misbelieve that there is no prove or argument for a religious believe. The book, The Reason for God, presents a well researched and well written argument for a religious belief making it relevant today society no matter what your believe is. One way it supports it argument for a religious belief by disproving the common belief of you cant take the bible literally. Many people don’t believe you can take the bible literally because they believe it is mostly historically inaccurate and more of just legends. The problem with this argument is how early the gospels were written which “were written at very most forty to sixty years after Jesus’ death” and gives specific in the gospels it gives specific names such as it says “the man who helped Jesus carry his cross was the father of Alexander and Rufus”. This helps disprove that the bible is legend because for them to say such detail so early there would be opponents ready to challenge what was being written by going the sources named to discredit and stop the spread of this new faith. People also don’t believe the bible is historically accurate because they think it was written by the early church to consolidate their power. The Reason for God provides evidence against this by showing how counterproductive the bible is to be created for a political move. It provides evidence of this by pointing out that the bible list “women as the first witnesses of the resurrection in a society where women were assigned such low status that their testimony was not admissible evidence in court” (108). If the early church was creating a tale to gain power they would have listed male pillars of the community as their witness not women who couldn’t even testify to what they saw. Counterproductive statements such as these being in the bible can only be assumed to have...
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