Bringing Handphone to School

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Yes or No to bringing handphone to school

In this era of globalization, where the world is getting smaller, handphone is on everybody’s lips more than McDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is such a wonderful tool for communication, education, work, information and play that sometimes we wonder how we survived before this. Some people call it the eighth wonder of the world while others condemn it as disruptive.

For one thing, bringing handphone to school has its advantages. For example, it can be used in case of emergency. If the students are in a dangerous situation like being alone at the bus stop or threatened by other students, they can call their parents or the police for help. The handphone will also become handy if they are going to be late because of the extra class or co-curricular activities.

However, handphone may cause distraction for student in the class. During the lesson, pupils will not concentrate on what the teacher is saying because they can be very enthusiastic in meddling with their handphone, either texting their friends or playing games. During examination times, teachers do not want the pupils to be distracted, so allowing handphone in classroom will defeat this purpose ultimately.

Secondly, using handphone can help students in their study. The students can use the dictionary in the handphone to find meanings for difficult English words. There are also many useful applications in the handphone such as calculators, Internet browsers, cameras and music players. However, phone misuse may happen. Irresponsible students search the Internet for useless information or inappropriate materials and share these materials with their friends. Another thing is, students might use the phone to cheat in the examinations.

Moreover, many social problems such as theft will arise when students bring their handphone to school. For instance, a rich student brings an expensive phone to school. When someone knows about this and steals the phone,...
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