Bring It On: A Review

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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“Bring It On”. This contemporary teen movie has a variety of competitive individuals, groups, and teams. Although Bring It On is intended for “cheerleaders”, it delivers a captivating message for the viewers, the socialization level is fascinating, and it has a major cultural impact on the audience. The Bring It On Series for teenagers has a message of competition , looks, and attitudes. For this movie to have such a great dispatch, and delightful reviews for those who has yet seen it. The characters that play in this movie each imitate their own personalities. Two captains with competitive boldness from the same environment compete against one another, but they soon realize that both cheerleading squads couldn’t have the “champs” title champs. Therefore, they figured they would have to join in order to be champions. Through the team bonding assessments, the playful practices, and the laughs overtime each and every cheerleader was passionate. Eventually, they will come together to use family and team work to make the dream work as a whole. “In order to WIN you have to compromise.” Each movie included in this stunning series has a similar plot, the same message, and awesome footage. I suggest you tune in! Teamwork makes the dream work. Bring It On has multiple cheerleading series which includes : Bring It On; this breathtaking movie was fulfilled with spirit, spunk, and sass. Next was Bring it On Again , a former cheerleading captain quit her old team and gathered outcast cheerleading squad with members from the drama club, dance club, other groups that lost funding and forms of a rag tag squad of her own. After that was, Bring It On All Or Nothing a Caucasian girl leaves her old school, and attends her new “hoodlum” school becoming a member of a cheerleading squad with majority of African-Americans. The fourth movie was Bring It On In It To Win It; East coast versus West coast, coming together as one to become nation wide champs. Lastly, Bring It On Fight...
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