Bring Back Flogging

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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Sydney Saylor
ENGL 1102
February 12, 2013

Bring Back Flogging
First off, I believe we should bring back flogging. We have a problem with prisons now days and I believe flogging can help. Prisons just don’t work. They’re overcrowded, violent, and cost way too much money. They are completely ineffective! I remember back in high school, if we got in trouble we would be suspended or either have ISS. For most people, ISS wasn’t anything but fun; just another regular day at school. That’s how I feel prisons have become. Some criminals will tell you straight up that prison is just a walk in the park, and it shouldn’t be that way! People should dread going to prison instead of not worrying about it. If we brought back flogging, I believe people would be quicker to change their ways rather than spending time in a prison cell. Flogging is humiliating and painful yet quick and cheap! We would see a decline in prisons offering up billions of dollars. Just think what we could do with those billions of dollars. If someone were to be flogged, I think it should be behind closed doors; because if not, that’s where the controversy would start. Although it would be very embarrassing to the criminal to be flogged in front of the public, he/she has rights too. Also, for those who think flogging is cruel, do you not know that prisoners get beat, raped, burned, and assaulted on a daily basis. I think a criminal would take a back ache over being beat, raped, burned, or assaulted any day. I also think flogging should be brought back for the simple idea that criminals can get on with their life and don’t have to completely start all over!
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