Brighter Smile

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Brighter Smiles to Masses: P&G vs Colgate

Gantt Chart for P&G Moves
2004 Jan Feb March April May June File Lawsuit Comparative Advertisement Campaign R&D for new product July Aug September Oct

Market Testing New Product Launch GANTT Chart: Staging and Sequencing

Instigate legal action against Simply White (SW)’s Advertisement through NAD  Anticipated move by Colgate: Before NAD releases its results,

Colgate will remove the direct comparison- just leaving the implied comparison.  Counter-Move by P&G: Counter-move not required since SW is already not able to convert its trial customers to repeat ones


Do not instigate legal action against Simply White (SW)’s Advertisement through law courts

Current Product Portfolio

Customer segment for Whitestrips:  Target well-to-do customers who will value long–lasting white teeth and who will have the patience to favour 30 min procedure over 30 sec procedure:  Mature segment above the age of 35  Women who are more looks conscious  Change the positioning of the current offering from a general value product to a niche product

Comparative advertisement campaign before the proceedings of NAD

Anticipated move by Colgate:  Lawsuit claiming damages and removal of advertisement if our claims are not verified by NAD.  Comparative advertisement campaigns of its own emphasizing its price and convenience USP without playing on effectiveness Counter-Move by P&G:  Lawsuit is expected to take few months time- during this period, we can cash in on the message delivered by the advertisement.  If the lawsuit results against P&G, change the advertisement track from explicit to implicit.  Use the “Veblen effect”

Reintroduction ofWhiteStrips:  Reintroduce Whitestrips with health benefits: “Germ fighting Whitestrips”  Vigorous advertisement emphasizing the health and beauty benefits of “new and improvedWhitestrips”  Sales channels to be...
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