Briggs Amasco Ltd: Reward Environment

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  • Published : February 8, 2011
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I would like to thank the Board of Directors at Briggs Amasco Ltd for allowing me to do this report on the Company. I would like to thank each individual that I interviewed in order to get the information I required.

Terms of Reference
The purpose and aim of this report is to analyse the performance related pay scheme in Briggs Amasco Ltd. I will then critically evaluate how the aims and objectives of the scheme are underpinned by the theoretical perspectives and how they fit with the Company’s aims and objectives. I will then use my findings against my own Company and make recommendations for improvement in terms of performance related pay. In order to make these recommendations, I will carry out both primary and secondary research. The research will then be assessed and analysed. I will then evaluate the effectiveness of the scheme, critically identifying any points for improvement. A conclusion will then be presented as to whether the scheme meets its objective and those of the Company. The recommendations will be submitted with respect to the impact on the current business environment, working towards meeting the business objective. My recommendations will also move the Company towards a more professional and dynamic approach to achieving the main objective of remaining at the forefront of commercial roofing.

William Briggs established his own roofing company in Arbroath in 1865, he founded an asphalt works in the same year, and was appointed agent for the original Limmer and Trinidad Lake Asphalt Company. He steadily expanded the business based on technical expertise and service to the customer and in 1900 William Briggs and Sons Ltd was registered as a limited company. Since then Briggs Amasco continues to grow and look to the future based on the tradition of technical expertise and customer service. Today Briggs Amasco is part of the international IKO group who are one of the world leaders in waterproofing,...
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