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“ Brigadier Tariq Mahmood”

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Brigadier Tariq Mahmood (TM) – Man of Steel
Birth Name:
* Tariq Mahmood
Nick name:
* Man of Steel
Place of Birth:
* Rawalpindi,
Place of Death:
* Rahwali Gujranawala cantt, Punjab province
* Pakistani
* Special Service Group (SSG), Pakistan Army
Years of Service:
* 1960-1989
* Brigadier
* Baloch Regimet,
* Special Service Group
Commands held:
* 3rd Commando Powinda Battalion
* Shaheen Company 1st commando battalion Special Service Group Battles/Wars:
* Operation PAN-AM
* Indo-Pakistani War of 1965
* Operation Gibraltar
* Indo-Pakistan War of 1971
* East Pakistan Air Operations 1971
* Siachen Operations of 1984
* Soviet War in Afghanistan
* Battle of Hill 3234
* Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Military) (2003)
* Sitara-e-Jurat (1965)
* Sitara-e-Jurat (1971)
* Sitara-e-Bisalat (1973)

Brigadier Tariq Mahmood, best known as Brigadier TM, was born on August 20, 1938 , was a Brigadier in the Pakistan Army and a legendary soldier who served as a commandant of the Special Service Group from 1982 till his death in 1989. A member of the SSG special forces, Brigadier TM is one of the most decorated Army officer who saw his SSG in numerous battles. A distinguished special services member, Brigadier General Tariq Mahmood is one of the legend officer who played an important father-like role in Special Service Group, and left a deep legacy, even after his death, in the SSG military unit. Brig. Tariq Mehmood - Man of steel got most of his education in Rawalpinidi. Since his very childhood he showed signs of great strength and courage . It is said that when he was around 12 years of age he fell from the tree and broke his arm so badly that bone came out of skin but instead of telling his parents, he decided to stay quiet so his parents would not be upset for his act of climbing tree .In the night time his dad heard squeak noises coming out of his room, when the dad entered the room and switched the lights he saw TM’s bone drilling out of skin and was taken to doctor, during surgery, this brave boy did not even had a tear in his eye.

Early life and education
Brigadier TM was born in 1938 in Rawalpindi, and did his intermediate education from Gordon Christian College Rawalpindi in 1956. He did his graduation from Government College University Lahore in mathematics in 1959. After his degree in mathematics, He enrolled himself in University of Peshawar to study Law, however, he left his studies and joined Pakistan Army

Military career
Brig Tariq Mahmood joined Pakistan Army in 1960. After passing out He was comissioned in a Baloch regiment. During his training in PMA he obtained a degree in BSC. He did basic infantry course in school of Infantry Quetta. Later he was selected in Special Services Group (SSG) and did his comando training from SSG school Chirat. After completion of his training he was posted to Shaheen Company, 1st commando Yaldram battalion, SSG.

1965 Indo-Pakistani War
In 1965, the SSG was preparing for covert Operations in Kashmir, Captain T.M. was selected to go to United States for an advance course with U.S. Army Special Forces, but he dropped himself from the course in order to participate in the covert operations. During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, Captain TM actively fought and led various operations in Kargil front. During the 1965 war, he was awarded Sitara-e-Juraat (SJ) for his active actions in a colorful public ceremony. In 1970, Tariq Mahmood was promoted to the rank of Major and was stationed in Peshawar. Major TM was posted as the commandant Parachute Training School.

1971 Winter War
In 1971, Major TM volunteered to go East Pakistan to participate in...
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