Briefing Paper

Topics: Human resource management, Management, Human resources Pages: 8 (2139 words) Published: January 16, 2009
People Management: Challenges and Choices

Briefing Paper

Critically examine the challenges and choices HR Managers now face in regard to

“Developing high performance working”

Name: Gamal Sadaka

ID No. : 08041860

Date: 17th of November, 2008

Table of contents:

1. AbstractPage 3

2. Background to the briefing paperPage 3

3. What the assignment is asking me to doPage 3

4. What I know about the subject alreadyPage 3

5. What I think my focus might bePage 4

6. What arguments I think I might want to makePage 4

7. What specific information I might need to construct my argumentsPage 4

8. Which journals and books will I usePage 5

9. The structure of the final paperPage 5

10. The preliminary introductionPage 5

11. Summary of the briefing paperPage 6

12. ACTION PLAN, in table format, for the whole
Assessment of the module.Page 7
13. ReferencesPage 8
Abstract (overview of the briefing paper)
The aim of this briefing paper is to provide details on how I am going to approach the essay. The main purpose of this paper is to critically examine the challenges and choices of human resource managers now face in regard to ‘Developing high performance working’. This paper will include the background to the briefing paper; it will also provide details on my knowledge about the subject I chose. Additionally it will include my focuses, arguments that I might construct, specific information I will be using. Finally I will have to mention the resources I obtained the information from.

Background to the briefing paper.

The importance of this briefing paper is to provide my seminar tutor on how I am going to approach the actual individual paper. The title I chose for my individual paper is ‘Developing high performance working’. In this briefing paper, one of the areas will be covered is the main body, which contains several sub sections each with its own subtitle, I will be using questions 3-10 as sub-titles for the body of the briefing paper. Finally the summary, which I am expected to summarise the main areas covered in the briefing paper, I may provide main recommendations. After summarising, I will be including an action plan and then the references.

3. What the assignment is asking me to do.

The assignment is asking me to construct an individual paper to provide details regarding the ranges that the organisation is facing today. There are about six areas you can discuss about; I am only required to choose one area to focus on and to argue. In the individual paper, it is essential to write about two thousand words and critically examine the challenges and choices to human resources managers now face in regard to the area I chose. Once I have completed the individual paper, I am required to write a personal reflection paper with five hundred words, evaluating my performance in completing the assessments. This will be based on the feedback will be received from my seminar tutor on my briefing paper, given in the eleventh week seminar, as well as peer review of the draft of my individual paper received in the twelfth week seminar. The individual paper has to be submitted on the beginning of the fourteenth week, as well as the personal reflection paper.

4. What I know about the subject already.

According to (Bloisi, 2007:253), bloisi defines performance management as the “process by which managers ensure that their employees’ outputs match the organisation’s goals”. Within an organisation, every employee’s performance has to be exceptional and outstanding. In order to make an employee perform well, human resource managers has to provide staff with continuous development training sessions, for both new and exiting workers. Human resource managers need to understand what are the skills, expertise and abilities that the organisation need. Human resource managers have to be precise when they are selecting the...
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