Brief: Vietnamese National Holiday

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Tet holiday, which takes place in late January and early February, is the most important festival to Vietnamese people. It has become so familiar to the Vietnamese that when spring arrives, Vietnamese people, wherever they may be, are all thrilled and excited, whishing to come back to their homeland for the great festivities and moreover, for family reunion. Those who have settled down abroad all turn their thoughts to their countries and try to celebrate the festival in the traditional ay, never forgetting the good traditions handed down from generation to generation. On this occasion, Vietnamese people have about seven days off. Despite officially a three-day festival, the preparation maybe made weeks before Tet and te holiday continues fo about a week later. Gifts or food are given to friends, neighbours and relatives days before Tet. Peach flowers, which is usually seen in the North and apricon flowers, which is adaptable to tthe hot weather of the South, are considered to be the symbols of Tet holiday. As people believe that cleaning the house will help them get rid of the bad things associated with the old year, houses are often cleaned and decorated before New Year' Eve. Tet is a time for people to pay respect to their ancestors. They often make offerings for the ancestors as well as a meal with traditional food such as sticky rice cake, spring roll, bamboo root soup, pork skin soup and so on to invite them to enjoy Tet with them. Then at the end of the holiday, they make another meal to see them off, wishing they will bring luck to the family. Giving away lucky money is also one of the particular traditions of the Vietnamese. The aldults give money put in small red envelops to children, choping they will be healthy, do well at school and obey the elder. To sum up, Tet holiday is nt only a unique festival but also a meaningful and sacred tradition of Vietnamese people.
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