Brief the Functional Activities of Dietary Department.

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  • Published : December 2, 2011
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Food service is one of the most important activities in any hospital. As a therapeutic measure it contributes directly through scientifically prepared nutritious diets, aimed at specific disease conditions. It is a most potent psychological force in patient satisfaction, patient acceptance of hospital regime resulting in fast recovery, employee satisfaction and morale and also plays a major role as a general public relations measure. Since food service is a medico-administrative area, dietician should be a graduate of a recognized school of home economics and have served a period of practical training in a hospital approved for such a course. She should have technical knowledge of nutrition as well as administrative ability as she is recognized as the chief of a major department, responsible directly to the administrator. The ability to organize and manage is of particular importance since speed, coordination, human relations, and efficiency are essential.

* Direct responsibility for menu planning for general and special diets for patients and employees * For selection and purchase of food, for receipt and storage of food * For preparation and distribution of food

* For cleanliness and safety in the department
* In cooperation with the medical and nursing staff, the education of patients in appropriate dietary habits and control.

* The dietitian has overall responsibility for food services, and as a therapeutic measure, she has the last immediate duty of checking the tray for proper identification, accuracy, attractiveness, temperature of foods and palatability. * Because of the increased opportunities of contamination and the possible resistance of the patients to food infection, increased emphasis on proper food handling in hospitals is necessary. * Basically two methods of distribution are used for patient food distribution- centralization, in which the complete...