Brief Sponsor Evaluation - "Sport Sponsorship and Developement"

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Manchester City F.C., Abu Dhabi Pages: 3 (601 words) Published: May 8, 2011
Workshop 3
Sponsor Evaluation

Choose a major sponsor from your favourite sports team

Look at why you think they might have taken on the sponsorship – what objectives

Manchester City Football Club - Etihad Airways

In 2009 (Etihad, 2009), Manchester City Football club signed a 3 year deal with Etihad Airways, the Abu-Dhabi-based national airline of the United Arab Emirates.

“[The] airline has grown faster than any other in commercial aviation history, currently serving 66 destinations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Etihad carried more than seven million passengers during 2010, up 13.1% on 2009” (MCFC, 2011) Etihad have promised Manchester City members or season ticket holders the lowest guaranteed fares on all of its flights, as well as work together on several overseas projects, ‘including team tours to the UAE and South Africa, as well as community-based schemes in the United Arab Emirates and East Manchester’ (2011).

By joining up with such a world renowned brand name, it would be obvious for the objectives to include an increase in brand awareness, building brand preference and loyalty with a global company used for travelling citizens of the world (coincides with soccer as being ‘The World Game’), increasing sales and market share, providing differentiation from competitors, and to generate media interest.

Write up how the sponsor might evaluate the success of their sponsorship using some specific methods discussed in lecture

In order to establish a successful sponsorship, Etihad would have to make sure of a few things. For example, ‘visibility’ – How clear was the sponsorship? (How well/often was it visible to the target market?); “The Etihad Airways brand logo will appear on Manchester City shirts [and the pitch]” (2009). Sightings – Who took notice? (Media audience measurements, circulation figures, listener figures, customer survey). Objectivity – Was their an increase in...
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