Brief Notes: 18th century Prussia & Russia, Seven Years' War, The French Revolution, and The Reign of Power.

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  • Published: February 3, 2008
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18th century Prussia:Fredrick the great: Best warrior, first class musician, built the Berlin Opera House, abolishes torture, invites Voltaire to come live in his palace, and fell in love with a his tutor.

I am the first servant of the state.

He led the war of Austrian succession against Maria Theresa (for Silesia).

He was an enlightened despot ( an absolutist you incorporates the teachings of the enlightment).

18th century Russia:-Elizabeth I: Peter the greats daughter. She led the cult of happiness. He loved poetry, arts , and individual beauty. She had many lovers, but no husband.

She took part in the Seven Years War- first world war. Took place in America, Europe and India.

-Catherine the Great ( 1761-1790s): German, highly influenced y the enlightenment, the country spread lies about her to make her look extremely cruel, dressed like a man, became czar by killing her husband, expands Russia to the black sea ( warm water port), cleans up the law, gets rid of torture (Beccaria), wants democracy but is convinced that the peasants cant handle it.

Paguchev Revolt- Ivan Pugachev. Claims to be Catherines reincarnated husband and convinces peasants to fight for freedom by leading them to Moscow. Catherine crushes them, and her thoughts on their inability to handle freedom is confirmed.

-Maria Teresa: Mother of the Empire, Austrian, sixteen children, married for love, marriedoff all her kids diplomatically, and pulls the empire together.

Responsible for the loss of Silesia, but at least convinces Fredrick to agree to the pragmaticSanction which made her a more legitimate ruler.

-Joseph II: Most Enlightened Ruler, Hapsburg, abolishes torture in Russia, frees the serfs, pays peasants, abolishes monasteries, made homes for the deaf and blind, made street lights, decreed 6,000 laws in 10 years, made it illegal to discriminate against protestants and Jews, and raised taxes on nobles.

France:France timeline:1337- 100 Years war begins....
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