Brief Life Sketch of Dr. Maria Montessori

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  • Published : September 8, 2012
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Describe the life and work of Dr. Maria Montessori .

One of the world greatest educators Maria Montessori , gave us the method of teaching children popularly known after her own name . She believed God had invested human beings with the urge and the power to fulfill themselves . In finding a way to liberate this power , she gave the world a new approach to education , as a joyful process of self discovery and self realization . She was born in july , 1870 in Italy . She had a powerful intellect . In her early years at school , Maria did not stand out from the others . But as a child Maria possessed a great driving ambition . She was a powerful character with a strong sense of duty and an assertive nature . It made her unpopular with some people but successful with others . Something she decided very early in life was that she did not want to be a teacher when she grew up . Her great ambition was to be an engineer . This changed when she was twelve . At this age , in Italy , children could leave school and go to work , but if they stayed on , they began to specialize in different subjects . Most girls , who did not expect to have any kind of career other than getting married and having children , except possibly teaching , took crash courses , learning Latin , Greek and Literature . The Italians are very family minded and most parents’ natural wish for a daughter was to see her happily married and the mother of a growing family . Maria was an attractive girl , and her parents could have expected her to ‘Marry Well’ perhaps into one of the families of the merchants or government officials who were socially important . But Maria had made an unprecedented decision which was to cause some disagreement within her family . She had decided that she wanted to be a doctor . No woman in Italy had taken this decision of the disapproval . Despite this , Maria went ahead though she agreed to her...
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