Brief History Ofdr. Sir Ziauddin Ahmad

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Brief History of Sir Ziauddin

On the occasion of 135th Birth Anniversary of Lt. Colonel Dr. Sir Ziauddin Ahmed

Sir Ziauddin Ahmad was a Mathematical genius and one of the very famous and popular and longest serving Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University. Who was one of the pillar of Aligarh Movement . Besides this he was also renowned Parliamentarian, educationist and scholar. Later on he become the only Rector of Aligarh Muslim University in 1946 by AMU Executive Council after he resigned as VC.

He was also selected in Indian Civil service as Deputy Collector along with Inayat Ullah sb ( father of former President HidayatUllah) however , when Sir Ziauddin was asked by emotional Sir Syed that he wants him to stay in college for at least 5 years he immediately tore apart his appointment letter and choose to Stay and pledged to Sir Syed that he will dedicate whole of his life to MAO College and left the job of deputy collector at the time when the salary and prestige of the two post varied considerably

He played a very crucial rule in converting MAO College to Aligarh Muslim University. Medical and Engineering college and Mathematics department owes special allegiance as were founded by great personal efforts of him. Ziauddin played a dominant role in the renaissance particularly of Muslim education in the Indian sub-continent after Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and faithfully carried on the torch of education right to the rank and file of the Muslims throughout the sub-continent by setting various Educational Institutes throughout the subcontinent.

Ziauddin can be reckoned as next to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in the spread of education among the Muslims who owe him a profound sense of gratitude.

Some Important dates in his Journey

• He was born on February 13, 1878, in Meerut in British India , received his education till high school education at Meerut.

• He obtained his Intermediate from Allahabad University in 1893 and then B.A...
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