Brief History of Lincoln University by Levi A. Nwachuku: Article Review

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  • Published : May 12, 2011
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from the History of Lincoln University
What I comprehend from reading the “Brief History of Lincoln University” by Levi A. Nwachuku. The first words that touched my heart were “Education is an antidote for ignorance. It is the agency for societal development.” African Americans knew way back then that education was the key to freedom; this was their way of being part of sociality. What really inspired me was how Dr. John Miller Dickey, a pastor of the Oxford Presbyterian Church; which was a White Church. How he put his house up to help three African- Americans males to get farther education to help other surpass people of Color. “The article stated He was a humanist and he was very sensitive to the conditions of the less fortunate, and that is mother Jane also had those qualities that Dr. John Miller Dickey possessed.” Dr. John Miller Dickey felt that it was his duty to help with educating the freed Africans and he tried to reconnect them back to Africa. James Ralston Amos was a free Black minster and he wanted to further his education for a better stead to enhance his evangelical career. Dr. Dickey seen this burning desire for education and tried to get him into some of the best institutions, however his color of his skin wouldn’t allow him to attend any of them. Dr. Dickey came up with this plan to find a college for young African- Americans Males. They came to Coatesville, Pa, on October 4, 1853, to meet with the Presbyterian Church of New Castle. He presented a proposal to them wanting to establish a college for colored males in the USA. The name of the college was Ashmun Institute; the church bought the land for the school at the price of $1,250 in the hill of Lower Oxford. The college was built near the Dixie Line, the same route where plenty of slaves traveled to gain their freedom from slavery. When the name of Armistead Miller appeared in the article, the first thing that came to my mind was is this man a family member? My grandfather...
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