Brief Analysis of English Major Students' Intonation Errors and Countermeasures

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Brief Analysis of English Major Students' Intonation Errors and Countermeasures Abstract: This paper analyses the discourse of 90 English major prostgraduate students from Xuzhou Normal University, and points out the problems about their English intonation, proposes to strengthen the awareness of the importance of students' intonation, to improve their intonation situation with some teaching methods. Keywords: discourse analysis English major intonation

Chapter One Introduction
Intonation is the key to foreign language learning, the correct pronunciation and intonation is the basis for successful communication, plays an important role in reading, writing and translating. So, how are the intonation situation of the English major and how to strengthen the intonation teaching? With these questions, professor Mu Fengying made a intonation record for postgraduate students, in order to have a further studying. 1 Brief introduction of this record

1.1 Background of these students: the 90 English major students are from Xuzhou Normal University, they as prostgraduates are now in their first semester. In addition, according to entrance examination scores, most students were in the same level in the ability of learning English. 1.2 The form of this record: The way of record is the live recording. Students are recorded in a closed lab. The selected recording material as follows: a three-minute free talk on a given topic, a short article 'Thirteen the equals one" of New Conception English Book, 133 words containning vowels and consonants which are not new words. The record does not allow students to prepare before they entering the lab. After they have scanned the material, they will have two minutes for preparation. Then, the record begins. Chapter Two Discourse Analysis

According to the analysis, some students (about 20%) are mostly correct in pronunciation, intonation and tone. They have some knowledge about manners and places of articulation, and pay more attention to the intonation. However, a major of the students' intonation, tone is poor, especial the following problems: (1) Pronunciation of some phonemes is not correct, resulting in word pronunciation errors, such as [L] [n] [η] nasal laterals can not distinguish, [θ] be read as [s], mouth read as [maus], a considerable part of the students can not read [e] correctly, the mother be read to [mΛd ]; some students' [ai] [au] diphthongs pronunciation is not in the right place and is not full enough; some students read the town into the [tun]; some students can not distinguish [f], [v] [w] and read wail into [veil]. (2) Reading is not smooth, is not fluent enough. Many students read the article word by word, they do not know how to pause and the division of the intonation- group is incorrect, the connection between sentences is not smooth, such as managed to, many students do not realize the liasion, which shows students a serious lack of reading experience. (3) The tone is not natural. Most students know that interrogative is the rising tone, quite a few students do not know read witn the rising tone in other sentences; many students read the article from beginning to end with a falling tone, and sounds dull, even no emotional change. (4) Multisyllable words and the stress of sentences are not correct. Multisyllable word is consists of several syllable, a small number of students read common words wrong. Such as immdiately [i'mi: diətli] read as the [imid'iətli]. As for the stress of sentence, most students do not have accurate knowledge about it. Such as: There is nothing I can do about it. Most students do not know to stress nothing, do these two words . Chapter Three Cause Analysis

3.1 Students learn knowledge of intonation is still not enough. Since the record is live, it had failed to allow students to do adequate preparation, some students can not read smooth, fluent and natural, which shows the problem of the students usually read English...
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