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Research Bridlington seaside resort



After the war the seaside resorts in Great Britain became very popular. The reason it became very popular was because people could not afford to go abroad. Also the transport was very poor. After the war the seaside resorts did not have any renewing en elderly people retired at the seaside resorts. This because of the transport around the resorts.

This research report is about the Bridlington seaside resort and investigates how this resort can attract more customers. The findings in this report are constructed after research on other seaside resorts all around the world.

Table of contents
Chapter 1 Bridlington seaside resort5
Entertainment and side seeing5
Chapter 2 Social media7
Social media of the customers7
User age of social media7
Social media of the Bridlington seaside resort7
Chapter 3 Conclusion8
Peer Review Research Bridlington seaside resort11


Bridlington seaside resort needs a new look to attract new customers. They should do this to attract a new and younger audience. Bridlington seaside resort is mainly focused on the elderly through to fact that there are no special entertainment in near area for the younger customers. The younger customers, families with children, need to travel to other towns for entertainment. Also is the resort old fashioned with the accommodation. In this peer review I go examine what good improvements are to invest in the resort.

The Bridlington seaside resort can use a facelift. The accommodations are old fashioned and very expensive to rent. On the resort the entertainment is mainly focused on elderly people, with a bingo hall, a bowling green and a theatre.

To attract younger customers the resort should make more space for entertainment. A solution could be to build an amusement hall with games. The seaside resort could choose to be a year-round entertainment park, with concerts for different age groups. Also the Bridlington seaside resort should use social media. Because of the user population, in the United Kingdom, of social media is this a new way of promotion for the resort.

If the Bridlington seaside resort adapt to the new standards of the younger generation, they could be a great profitable resort.

Chapter 1 Bridlington seaside resort

In this chapter we look into the seaside resort. What are the points of attention.


The Bridlington seaside resort is situated on the East coast of Yorkshire near the city Hull.

Entertainment and side seeing
The entertainment of the resort is minimum, with a Bingo hall, a bowling green and a theatre. For more entertainment the customer should go of the resort.

On the east coast of Yorkshire is a lot entertainment and side seeing. A couple of examples of the side seeing’s are the Park Rose Pottery, the Cruckley Animal Farm, the Bridlington Heritage Museum, the beach south of Bridlington, the Burton Agnes Hall and the Bondville Miniature Village. The entertainment places on the East coast are the British Open Darts (1 a year), two 18 hole golf courses, 60’s coffebars, funfairs and amusement arcades.

The accommodations on the Bridlington seaside resort are old fashioned. An example of the old fashioned accommodation you can see in the picture of the bedroom.

Also the prices of the accommodations are high with €90,- a day for a two room apartment.

(Cottage, n.d.)

Chapter 2 Social media

In this chapter we look at the use of social media in the United Kingdom. Who are using social media and does the Bridlington seaside resort uses social media.

Social media of the customers
In the United Kingdom almost 33 million people use social media, according to This is almost half of the population of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is on the 1st place of...
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