Bridging the Gap, the Digital Divide

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  • Published : April 12, 2009
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Bridging the gap

Technology is an essential part of our world today. In developed countries, the use of technology is engraved in people from childhood. Unfortunately this is not the case in most developing countries. Egypt stands out as a clear example of a country, with technological disadvantages causing a gap between the well educated, privileged sector of society and the remaining majority, which is illiterate and poor. This gap is scientifically known as a” Digital divide.” Meaning that basically the poor end up socially the same and sometimes poorer by not knowing the appropriate and sufficient basics of using computer technology and internet, while on the other hand the richer people seem to have the edge due to having prior The reasons for such a gap are related to poverty, and technology being costly; as well illiteracy since having the equipment and not knowing its proper use is useless. So whether it’s a problem resulting from poverty or illiteracy, it’s evident they are both connected. The digital divide remains a social problem more than a financial or technological issue, since computers and technology are available, but are not being used correctly by most poor people because they have not been taught correctly from an early age due to financial disadvantages caused by the countries standing economical situation. To Bridge the digital divide in Egypt, actions must be taken to increase availability and use of technology, especially for the underprivileged people of society. There are numerous reasons for the digital divide being in Egypt. A major factor causing the digital divide in Egypt is poor education and lack of emphasis on technology and computer skills in schools. According to Mark Warschauer, a Professor at the university of California, problems in Egyptian schools “ Include large class sizes, poorly trained teachers with low wages and status; and a centralized, test driven curriculum focusing on rote memorization of unimportant...
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