Bridging the Gap

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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Bridging the Gap
Clarisse Wilson
October 6, 2011
Political Science 107

Certain people think the reason there is a huge achievement gap between races, is due to a lack of motivation in minority homes, and in some ways that could be true. However, being in a minority household in this time period, would give a child more motivation to not end up like most people in their family. Like most studies have proven 70 percent of minority households are led by only a mother and in certain cases a father, therefore most teenagers would like to become the first person in his or her family to go to college, and to get married, and not become part of a statistic. Yes, I understand it is extremely difficult to keep a positive outlook on life, when everyone is expecting the expected, but that’s when their faith and endurance comes into play.

According to Nathan Glazer, a professor at Harvard University, a “paradox” accord after the election of Barack Obama, the paradox being “the election corresponded with complete withdrawal from American public life of discussion of the black condition and what public policy can do, to improve it.” Simply put, the government is trying to find ways to fix the poverty stricken minority community. The problem George Will is trying to fix isn’t finding new jobs for minority people, but trying to help the minority community recreate a vision to uplift, and inspire them to become better people. George argues “the black middle class have been able to leave inner cities” which means if they can do it, why can’t other families leave also, only if it was that easy. George makes an amazing argument about that. He states the unemployment for young black men has gotten worse, even when our Government was doing well, at the same time more than 60 percent of black high school dropouts were in a corrections facility. Also, those men who are incarcerated are affecting the black women because those men in jail could’ve been someone’s husband. He also...
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