Bridge to Wisemans Cove

A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove

The novel “A Bridge to Wisemans Cove’ investigates the effect that change has on the characters Carl, Harley and Skip. Change is the content of life. Way of life changes, goals change, seasons change. Moving on from their past is something they must overcome. Some are trapped avoided. Some bring joy, others bring grief and regret. Life for Carl Matt was like a sail boat. All you have to do was watch time come and go. When Carl moved into Wattle beach he was a gawky teenager, who never had the courage to let anyone know his true feelings, especially to girls. He was self conscious about his outside appearance and the concept that he is overweight. Carl always felt protective of his brother Harley, as he is his only brother. His shyness towards others was due to an unfortunate lifestyle. Being abandoned by his family, all he had inside was a broken heart and the responsibility of a parent. Before his experience in Wattle beach Carl had always been afraid of change. He learned and understood so many things from all the people he met. It started with his job in the barge. His purpose was to help Skip. He helped Skip by trying his best. "Though his breath returned, he kept his mouth shut to keep in the relief. And the joy. And his heart which felt so light it might well float straight up his throat and out with words." This quotation proves the joy he experienced when he got his job. Nathan and Beryl helped Carl to be more confident, they made Carl speak up. When Beryl chained Harley, Carl couldn’t continue to let he do whatever she wanted to do. He stood up for himself and made Beryl realise what she was doing to Harley. Also when he saw Nathan taking advantage of Maddie he told Nathan that he was going too far because he couldn’t hold himself. He didn’t want to be the person seeing something and looking away as if nothing happened. People like Joy, Skip and Harley helped him become a different person. To find his path, Carl struggled but succeeded not only his...
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