Bridge on the River Kwai

Topics: The Bridge on the River Kwai, World War II, Sessue Hayakawa Pages: 4 (1509 words) Published: February 28, 2011
Bridge On The River Kwai.

The film deals with the situation of British and American prisoners of war, who were captured by the Japanese during World War II and were forced to build a bridge over the river Kwai, in order to accommodate Japanese Burma-Siam railway. At first the prisoners were planning to sabotage the construction of the bridge, and to not finish the construction at the scheduled date. Because of that decision, the Japanese were forcing British officers to be working along the ordinary soldiers. The head of the prisoners was Colonel Nicholson and he was the person, who fought for the soldiers’ rights and managed to save the officers from working, for the price of sitting in the “oven”, a closed room made of pieces of steel and located out in the sun, for a few weeks. In the mean time, while Colonel Nicholson was spending his time in the room, a few of the prisoners tried to escape, but only one of them was successful, that person was Commander Shears, who will later be one of the members of the group sent to bomb the bridge. After Nicholson got out, all the soldiers started to look up to him and he persuaded them to build a proper bridge, unlike the shaggy wooden structure, that the Japanese were telling them to build, in order to show British intelligence and architectural skills. Colonel Nicholson arranged a meeting with Saito, the Japanese leader of the camp, the decision was confirmed and the construction of a proper bridge began. While the bridge was being built, Colonel Nicholson was not realizing that he was unintentionally helping the enemy, also thinking that he is a hero, he took all the credit for the design and building of the bridge to himself, which shows him as having a very arrogant character. Meanwhile a group was sent to bomb the bridge and the train that was supposed to pass it on a particular day, at the same time; it was led by Warden and Shears. They reached the construction site, set up the explosives and were waiting for...
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