Bridge of San Luis Ray Study Guide

Topics: Depression, Pio Island, Mission San Luis Rey de Francia Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: September 26, 2012
The Bridge of San Luis Rey

1.) Uncle Pio is a well-known “adventurer’ who takes the Perichole under his wing to teach her to become an actress. He becomes her maid, singing-master, banker, errand-boy, coiffeur, masseur, and her reader. 2.) His three aims in life:

-be independent and omniscient
-surround himself with beautiful women
-be near those who loved Spanish literature
3.) He decides to play “Pygmalion” and tutor her to become a great actress. 4.) Uncle Pio fears her becoming content with her work too soon and no longer needing him so he resulted to sarcasm and criticism to keep he seeking perfection. 5.) Camila was invited to dinners with the Viceroy

6.) The Perichole is torn apart by Uncle Pio’s constant criticism and her longing for perfection and the only thing that would make her happy would be to achieve that perfection and to please Uncle Pio. 7.) Don Andres de Ribera is the Viceroy and the father of three of Camila’s children 8.) The Archbishop is greedy and does not want his lifestyle to change. He tells himself that 1) the injustice and unhappiness in the world is a constant 2) the theory of progress is a delusion

3) the poor, never having known happiness, are insensible to misfortune 9.) Love is important to Pio because as a child he was not loved by his parents and longs for the love that he was never provided 10.)Uncle Pio does not believe that Camila has ever truly loved and Camila doesn’t realize the happiness that love brings because she was hurt by Uncle Pio’s criticism causing her to neither trust nor love 11.) Don Jaime is the Perichole’s son who is seven years old. He is ill and is unhappy though he does not like to show it. 12.) When the Perichole was infected with small-pox, the townspeople were slightly glad because her beauty that enabled her to look down upon the middle/lower classes was now gone. However, Camila was devastated and refused to leave her house. 13.)...
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