Bridesmaids Personal Response

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Bridesmaids – Personal Response.

'Bridesmaids' directed by Paul Feig, is my all time favourite comedy. It's the type of funny that makes your muscles ache from laughing so hard. I found the characters and the lines to be totally hilarious. The protagonist is Annie, a middle aged women who's cake business failed, and currently works at a jewelers thanks to her mother. Annie's best friend is engaged to be married and she wants Annie to be her maid of honour. The bridal party consists of 4 others: Becca, a newly wed who has never been with another man. Rita, a mother of 3 boys who wants nothing more to get away from her family of men. Meagan, the grooms sister who is incredibly tom boy with a hint of kinky. Last but not least, Helen, an incredibly rich, upper class friend of Lillian's who is jealous of Annie and Lillian's friendship. Things get beyond crazy with the 5 of these stir crazy women on a trip to Paris. They create a whirlwind of entertainment for the more mature (being R18).

The lines are what what makes this movie. They are perfectly scripted and they left me gasping for breath. (Annie very intoxicated) "What kind of name is 'Stove' anyways? What are you, an appliance?" and (Flight attendent tells Annie she isn't aloud to sit in first class) "Oooh this is a very strict plane. Welcome to Germany (German accent ) Aufwiedersehen assholes!" There are so many hilarious moments in this movie. For example, the whole bridal party get food poisoning while they are at an upper class dress fitting and they all end up with violent diarrhea. Lillian has no choice but to take a dump in the street, Rita vomits in the toilet and Becca vomits in her hair and Meagan lifts up her dress, sits on top of the sink and screams about her violent diarrhea: "It's coming out of me like hot lava!"

This movie is fulled with hilarious lines and legendary acting. Bridesmaids is the type of movie which shows an adventure every girl wants to experience with their friends one day....
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