Bride Buying in India

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I. Executive Summary Bride-Buying is a new practice that has developed over the last couple of decades in India. It is the practice of selling women into marriage against their will. Haryana, Jharkand, and Punjab are the region or state that still doing the Bride Buying activities which is considered illegal. The objectives of this report are to analyze the structuring decision problems of reducing Bride-buying in India and to describing the necessary steps in undertaking the decision problem structuring.

This report using The PrOACT decision making model which is provides a systematic approach for making decisions. It consists of eight elements that when worked through systematically will help to make better decisions. For further method, we use SMART analysis.

Refer to PrOACT frame, Poverty, Sex Ratio Gap, Gender Issues, and Low Educations are the main factors why it happens. The problem here is how to reduce the Bride-Buying practice in India. The objectives are how to Reduce Bride-Buying by create Gender equality; Redistribution of the population; Short time

implementation; Cost Efficiency. We are here try to act as Indian Government, which comes with many alternatives. Those are implementing the Education (A); Create job vacancies (B); Make a Woman rights and Laws (C); Build a Safe house (D); and Transmigration (E). For the consequences, we use SMART Analysis to trade off. And comes with Education as the solution, since Education have lower cost and higher benefits than Create job vacancies, therefore Education are preferred.

II. Introduction

II.1 Background India as one of the developing country, still using one of the old tradition, bride buying to the life of of its people. In Haryana, Jharkand, and Punjab are the region or state that still doing the Bride Buying activities (, 2007), which is considered illegal. Why is Bride Buying illegal? According to CNN-IBN (2006), in Bride Buying activity, the women sold, bought, raped, married off without any consent. The women treated like a property that could be trade or sold to fulfill the needs of others. In the year of 2012, of course this kind of activity that leads to human trafficking being concerned by the people of the world. The price to sell and buy the bride starts at 4,000 Rupee, to 30,000 Rupee, or Rp. 690,000 - Rp. 5,000,000. The parents of the bride (women) could get 500 to 1,000 Rupee (Rp. 85,000 – Rp. 170,000) (BBC News, April 2006). With that price, anyone could marry a woman, could trade their daughters for a son, could buy a houseworker, and not to mention to get a sex slave. The roots of Bride Buying activity is actually an old tradition that existed since decades ago. According to Punjabi writer, the bride buying began when the arrive of Mughals. The Mughals decorated the women to be sold with the ornaments (Kirpal Kazak, 2007). The activity if bride buying decilned with the rise of the ration for Male and Female in India on 1911. But, the ratio of Male and Female begin to decline in 2001, and made the trade and bride buying activity back on track, especially in the life of the poor people in India.

The parents who sell and trade their daughters think that having a son brought more benefit than to have a daughter, because they can make the sons to work and bring more money to the parents. (BBC News, April 2006). It’s the modern day slavery of our times right under the nose of the world’s largest democracy. Many academic readings and media reports have told stories of women who were sold off as nothing more than baby producing sexual commodities that don’t enjoy the status of anything than a housemaid, even though in official records and claims, she would rightfully be the wife of the husband. But there are the exceptional cases of women who have found domestic bliss even in this artificial arrangement of sorts. And why we deem this ‘artificial’ is only because such a match would not be approved in the same regions...
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