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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Analyse the factors contributing to the growth of the BRIC countries.

Some questions:
What are the BRIC countries? What is the similarity of these countries? How is the economic growth of the BRIC countries?
How the technical innovation impacts the development of these nations? What are the effects of Globalization and the change of international division of labor on the BRIC economies? Analyse from the aspects of international trade, the expansion of MNEs, and upgrading of industries. How are economic reforms in these countries?

How the advantages in labor, natural resource boost the economic boom?

Main topic and the sub-topics
● Globalization promotes the economic development of the BRIC. *the roles of the international institutions
*the lower of trade barriers
*the advance of telecommunications and transportations ● The advantages of the BRIC countries
*huge population
*abundant natural resources
● the successful economic reform in these countries
*the stable regimes
* the market reform
* the decease of restricts
● Technical innovation promotes the development of the BRIC * focus on education
*academic development
*the investment on the R&D

1. Brainstorm
BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China)

The rapid economic growth from 1990s (after the Cold War), the rise of the emerging economies ↓
The change of advanced economies during this period, manufacturing industries shifted to these counties. And the lower of trade barriers ↓
The MNEs moved their factories to the BRIC countries to lower costs. ↓
The BRIC countries own huge population, abundant natural resources. ↓
Economic reform in these countries attracts foreign firms to invest in the BRIC. ↓
Governments in the BRIC gave top priority to education....
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