Bribery: Political Corruption and Business

Topics: Political corruption, Corruption, Bribery Pages: 13 (5283 words) Published: December 3, 2012
One of the most widespread forms of corruption is Bribery. Now let me begin with the general definition of bribery and to make you clearly understand about corruption. Bribery is the crime of giving and taking money or some other worth items in order to influence public official and it is also including of paying to get government contracts. In addition, a bribe can consist of immediate cash or of personal favors, a promise of later payment, or anything else the recipient views as valuable (Bribery, n.d.). For more information, the sectors that bribery most involved are in construction sector, followed by the utilities, real estate property and energy sectors respectively. And businesses with minimal graft are in agriculture, small industries sectors, Aerospace sector, and information technology sector.

There is no doubt that corruption, prevalent in emerging economies around the globe, throws economic development into chaos. This can affect decisions made by bureaucrats which it degrades the quality of those in power, and discourages foreign investment. It is also a gradually hot business issue, with a growing amount of influential business and political leaders throughout the world regularly pinpointing corruption as one of the greatest threaten to global economic improvement. Corruption and Bribery has moved to the front in discussions about business. I agree with a sentence that “bribing is a fast way to get the business done.” Whereas it is slightly not that truth that Corruption is not unacceptable, but corruption or bribery are just unavoidable acts. So, corruption is all over the world. As long as human alive, corruption will exist. Not only developing countries, but also developed countries have experiences in some degree of corruption not more or less.

According to the statistic of the bribe payers index, it ranked the exporting countries in terms of the companies are perceived to be paying bribes to other countries. They had studied on eight-hundred business executives that conducted in fourteen countries. The scale showed the rank between zero to ten which zero represented very high level of bribery and ten represented transparent or negligible bribery. And in this statistic, No country would be purely transparent in doing business activities. To demonstrate, developed countries like Canada and Australia had also experienced on the rank of 8.9 (Statistic of Bribe payer index, n.d.). Although these ranks are not stand in a very high level of bribery, but it showed that bribery is existed in those countries even they are in developed countries as well as public and private sectors. Furthermore, United Stated and Germany were in a rank of 6.2, and Italy had been ranked as 3.7 which is quite high in the level of perceiving to pay the bribes (Statistic of Bribe payer index, n.d.). It can refer that people and firms around the world give bribes for many reasons in order to do a contact with their public institutions in order to speed up paperwork and procedure, to avoid problems with authorities such as the government and the police, or simply to gain accessibilities to basic public services. And they give bribes in order to maintain or obtain business over which the foreign officials have authority. Because some people have a belief that bribery is a part of doing successful business today. Next I am going to give you possible reasons and some example of countries that why they are involving in bribery. Bribery is frequently inevitable for foreign companies that invest in those countries, where corruption is widespread and the conditions for business development are unfavorable. It also illustrates that bribe giving is just a result of political system with weak democratic traditions. That is why many foreign companies from developed and developing countries, where corruption levels are low tend to practice bribery. For instance, there are many American...
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