Bribery in Mauritius

Topics: Ethics, Poverty, Decision making Pages: 3 (873 words) Published: February 1, 2011
Case 3 (Reading 3.3, pp.132-137):Ethical Dimension Of Decision Making in the Developing World :The Case of Bribery in Mauritius MGT 3020 Section 5
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Question 1

What are the three major causes for corruption in developing world such as Mauritius? Explain each, in what way can these problem can be addressed from tawhidic perspective?


We have found that there are 3 major causes for corruption in developing world such as Mauritius. Firstly, it is the most significant factor where the decision maker uses his power to bribe the judiciary to rule in his favor. In this case the decision maker, a convicted individual, blends the notion of self-interest to serve his purpose that is to evade punishment. This coincides with the idea of overlapping between duty and enlightened self-interest. If we relate this to tawhidic perspective, the concept of amanah can be applied over here. Amanah or free will, which has been given only to humans and jinn, is very important especially if we have the power and we use the power to bribe the judiciary to rule his own favor. This is branch away from the teachings of Islam and also the study of ethics in business.

Secondly, is the act of inviting bribery where it becomes more demanding and expect bigger sums of money, which proves that a culture of bribery is slowly evolving in Mauritius. In this case, a situation given that a citizen offers a bribe as a form of...
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