Briar Rose

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Close Study Of a text: Briar Rose

Jane Yolen's novel 'Briar Rose' is a witness to the struggles of people in both good and bad times. We see the characters from the past struggle with forces of evil and we see the characters of present struggle with the quest to find the truth and comes to terms with it. The text 'Briar Rose is written in fairy tale made to potray an allegorical story of the holocaust, Jane Yolen does associate this with childrens stories as they often contain moral lessons on conflicts between Good and Evil, Love, Hate and explores the themes of courage and endurance, heroism, and Good and Evil.Through complex narrative structure and metaphor of the fairy tale, Yolen helps us to understand the struggles of Gemma, her friends and family in 'Briar Rose'. The three main struggles we explore are; it is through Gemma's past we learn about the horrific events lead by nazi's and concentraion camp, Gemma coming to terms with the events and how she responded, and Gemma making her past bearable.

Gemma's first struggle was telling her story, although written is fairy tale as that is all she could remember. "I honest dont think she remembered....It had all become a fairytale to her. But it was all there, buried" (quote from Becca to Josef about her grandma, Gemma) ·Gemma is a story teller. She uses the story Briar Rose or Sleeping Beauty to pass on her personal history to her family. She used the fairy tale to impart the truth because her experience is too traumatic for her to talk openly about. "Its like the story a metaphor". This deepens our understanding of ouselves and the world as we come to an understanding of personal history. ·Becca's chosen profession as a journalist means that she seeks the truth in a story and she promises Gemma that she will find the prince and Schloss (castle) "Promise me you will find the castle. Promise me you will find the prince...." This deepens our understanding of ourselves and the world as we learn...
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