Brianna's Famous Sweet Tea

Topics: Tea, Water, Iced tea Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: July 14, 2011
Brianna’s Famous Sweet Tea
Have you ever had an iced tea from McDonald’s on a hot sunny day? How was it? If you described it as sweet, thirst-quenching, and refreshing, you just described Brianna’s Famous Sweet Tea. Hi, my name is Brianna and I am a tea-maker for McDonald’s. If you think my job is a hard task, I will show you five simple steps to making my famous sweet tea. The first step in making my famous sweet tea is to gather all the necessary materials. These materials include the following: Lipton Tea bags, a 5 pound bag of sugar, four cup measuring cup, a pot large enough to hold 4qtz of water, a stirring spoon, a tea pitcher, and a stove. Make sure that all of the materials have been cleaned thoroughly. Once you have gathered the required materials, you are now ready to start the process of making my famous sweet tea. To get started, fill the cooking pot ¾ of the way with cold water. Now place the cooking pot on the large eye on the stove. Make sure the eye is on medium-high. When the water begins to boil, drop four tea bags into the boiling water. Now watch for the water to turn dark brown. This should occur within three to five minutes. Once the water turns brown, remove the cooking pot from the hot eye. This ends the boiling process. This is the second step to making my famous sweet tea. Next, gather the tea pitcher, the four cup measuring cup, the sugar, and stirring spoon. Grab the four cup measuring cup and fill with sugar. Now pour the sugar into the tea pitcher. Then pour the “tea water” into the tea pitcher with the sugar. Be careful, the cooking pot may still be hot. Grab the stirring spoon and slowly begin to stir until all of the sugar is dissolved. Now you have made Brianna’s Famous Sweet Tea. For the best results, follow all of the aforementioned instructions. Last but not least, grab a cup of ice and enjoy Brianna’s Famous Sweet Tea on a hot sunny day. I hope these steps were easy and simple to follow. If you have any problems you can...
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