Brian Urlacher's Journey to NFL

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  • Published : October 3, 2011
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* My favorite bear is the Chicago Bears mascot. This is the team Brian Urlacher plays for now. He has played for the Bears his entire professional career. During his time with the Bears he has gone to the Super Bowl and several Pro Bowls. His rookie year, Brian won the Defensive Player of the Year Award for most outstanding Linebacker in the NFL. Growing up as a child, he had a rough life but it didn’t stop him from playing great football through from the time he was young to the time he reached the NFL. *

On the day May 25, 1978, Brian Urlacher was born in Pasco Washington. His childhood started very rough with many challenges. His parents were divorced at a very young age and with several brothers and sisters, Brian had to overcome many obstacles, which were placed in his path to the NFL. It started with a move from his hometown to a new home in Lovington, New Mexico, with his mother Lavoyda Lenard. His mother worked three jobs to support the family and put food on the table for them. Brian had to live with his siblings without his mother most of the time and through it all they supported his dream of one day making it to the NFL. Brian dedicated his youth and teen years to one day making it to the NFL and being able to tell his mother she would never have to work again. With his hard work and dedication, overcoming all obstacles, which were set in his way, He graduated from Lovington High School and earned a scholarship to the University of New Mexico to get a degree and play football. *

Brian had a lot of success in his college career and rookie year. He broke the University of New Mexico’s record for most tackles and sacks in a season his junior year of college. A tremendous accomplishment considering professional scouts always considered Brian too small to make it in the NFL. However, the Chicago Bears drafted Brian Urlacher into National Football League in 2000 in the ninth round of the draft. Most felt he would...
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