Brewery Industry

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It is the conceptual structure within which the research is conducted. It constitutes the blue print for the collection, measurement and analysis of data. The design includes an outline of what the researcher will do from writing the hypothesis and its operational implication to the final analysis of data. It constitutes the steps taken beginning with the collection of data, classifying, analyzing and interpretation, processing and finally putting in textual form. This is one important chapter of project and can be considered as skeletal of project. Objective of the study:

* To understand the importance of promotional and market analysis. * To study how the growth is maintained over the years by the company. * To study the various aspect relating to the marketing of UB products. * To study the influencing factor for the retailer to sell a particular breweries.

Scope of the study:
The scope of the study is limited to marketing activity of United Breweries in mundkur and kinnigoli. It will give an in depth theoretical and practical knowledge about the marketing aspects. This study also covers ratio analysis, of the balance sheet of the united breweries and also analyses the marketing activity of the united breweries. The study offers an insight into the cell breweries industry.

Methodology and limitation:
Methodology of Data Collection
The data collection is done using both primary and secondary sources. The primary sources used are
* Discussions with the dealers
* Questionnaire was prepared for survey

The secondary sources includes
Articles on websites, research reports, the reports from various

Limitation of the study
* Visiting official website of the company and other related websites. * Referring to newspapers and various business magazines.

There are some factors which, if present would have resulted in a more detailed study. Still proper measures are taken in maintaining the quality of the study. Those limitations are- * The study is limited to the marketing activities of UB only in mundkur and kinnigoli. * The data recorded was presumed to be authentic

* The study is designed in such a way that proper research is done in the selected area within the given time.

Industry Overview

Globally, over 133 billion litres of beer is sold each year. In comparison, the Indian beer Industry contributes a meagre 1.28% of the global sales. The industry has been witnessing on an average, a steady growth of about 10% per year over the last ten years with volumes crossing 172 million cases in 2008-2009 from 70 million cases in 2002. With a relatively younger population and income levels on the rise, India is seeing an increase in the popularity of beer.

Consumption of beer in India is also constrained by lack of adequate market infrastructure. In China for instance, there is one outlet for every 300 persons. In contrast, India has one outlet for every 21,000 persons hampering free availability of beer. Total consumption of beer in China grew by 33.56% between the years 2000 and 2006 to reach a total market volume of 30.47 billion litres. With a per capita

11consumption of 22 litres, China is one of the largest beer consuming nations in the world.
Though beer is a milder form of alcohol, it is taxed by most states on the same basis as Spirits. The charge is on absolute alcohol basis. Globally on a per unit of alcohol basis, beer bears approximately 50% of levies imposed on Spirits whereas in India taxation is regressive on beer.

India is predominantly a hard liquor market and beer has a minority preference amongst those who consume alcohol. The per capita consumption of beer constitutes a meagre 3% of global average. Typically the size of beer volumes in most countries is 7 to 10 times larger than spirits, whereas in India, spirits is larger.

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