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There are many noticeable devices that people use to maintain brevity whilst texting or messaging. The continuous use of: contraction, elision, emoticons and ellipses are just some of the devices that provide briefness of words, to be honest; it actually has a great link to the way we speak. These terminologies are used to make the conversation between audience quick and easy. Texting is usually an informal way of writing, but, from the transcript of a personal experience text message between two teenagers as well as another with adult and teenager proves that: texting has a greater link with speaking; more than it has with writing, on the other hand it’s multi-modal. Some paralinguistic features, such as, emotions and facial expressions in a speech, is portrayed as emoticon in written texts, this gives a clear understanding of the audiences feelings. Text message conversation between two teenagers is more colloquial, it has a strong impact on the purpose of the talk, which in this case of the transcript is to gossip, “urgh! Yes we h8 her, Aidens on stage, he’s quite Gd.” Purpose of the conversation is in a personal, sensational and intimate nature; it’s generally used for entertainment and social interaction. As for the purpose, the audience is a friend because of the way words are addressed in the text, “U guys hangin in there ;-).” Use of hangin, is mainly used with friends, because as their attitude is familiar, friends are able to determine each other’s reactions to questions. The mode for the conversation is straightforward; texting is the main concept of the conversation: it is quick and easy to send; fairly cheaper than calling; word are abbreviated to save time. Talking of abbreviation, it’s a basic way to retain brevity; the act of keeping word short and simple. “yeh, otherwise we have 2 talk 2 each other…jj,” use of ‘jj’ in the transcript text conversation between friends, is the abbreviated form of “just joking,” where it has been used in the text, as...
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