Brenton Butler

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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|The Brenton Butler Case | | | |Investigation gone wrong. | | | |11/20/2012 | | | |Jessica Turner | |Monroe College | |Professor Wright | |Criminal Investigation |

The Brenton Butler Case

Brenton Lenard Butler was charged with murder and armed robbery in the death of MaryAnn Stephens, of Toccoa, GA. At age 15 Brenton Butler, Could have faced life in prison without Parole if he was convicted of first -degree murder. In Florida nobody the age of sixteen or younger can face the death penalty. MaryAnn Stephens was shot while she and her husband, James, were returning to their room from a continental breakfast in the motel lobby, said Lt.Mark Foxworth, who leads the Jacksonville Sheriff's office homicide unit.Brenton Butler was picked up walking in the area about two hours after the shooting.He lived in the 6000 block of Chevy Drive, within walking distance of the motel, said Sgt. Andy Joiner of the homicide unit. The eyewitness identification of Brenton Butler was erroneous because the psychological trauma that James...
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