Brent Spar Case

Topics: Royal Dutch Shell, Brent Spar, Public relations Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: June 21, 2011
The Brent Spar Case
[1] What is the key learning’s from this Incident? List at least 5 and explain your reasons?

-In February 1995, the British Government approved a proposal by Shell UK for deep sea disposal of the 14,500 tone, 463ft Brent Spar oil storage and loading buoy in the north Atlantic. There followed a sustained, highly publicized campaign by Greenpeace, backed by European governments and public, which included occupation of the oil platform by Greenpeace activists. The incident proved to be a turning point in the history and laid behind many learning:-

1.A well–organised consumer boycott can hurt companies. The response must be that an ounce of market research is worth a pound of scientific evidence. Since this matter was related to the environment and the oil spill could heavily affect the flora and fauna of the ocean .People stopped buying fuel from the parent company. There was a mass boycott from the consumer and this affected the company to a large extent. 2.Brent Spar the myth of Public Protest -The central issue surrounding the Brent Spar debate was not new--toxic waste dumping has been taking place for a long time. Nor were the tactics of Greenpeace new--its creation of dramatic pseudo-events was a tried and tested formula. However, its skilful public relations campaign appeared to have special resonance and seemed to project the issue on to the public agenda in a uniquely dramatic fashion. The campaign against deep sea disposal of the Brent Spar involved a moral stand against the double-headed monster of business and government and it appealed to the emotions of the general public. Green peace’s central and lasting message was that if the Brent Spar had been dumped, it would have sent the wrong signal to industry--that this was an acceptable form of waste disposal. 3.Victory for public and Greenpeace around the world-Newspaper articles at the time pronounced that the Shell turn-around was an example of people power. The Daily...
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