Breathing Under Water Analysis on Nick Andreas

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LuChinna Diaz
Nick Essay
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As a teenager we tend to focus more on relationship , and or crushes and who we associate with. We get so caught up in who we’re involved with we tend to get controlling, and care way too much. Almost like Nick Andreas in the novel “Breathing Underwater” by Alex Finn. This book shows that when you keep things in and grow feelings quickly it could impact your life. The main character in this book was Nick , he was the usually teenage kid , good grades , popular kid , he owned a car , and most importantly Nick had the girl of his dreams, Caitlin. Nick loved his girlfriend Caitlin and did anything for her, with the exception of some arguing and creative discussions, and some inappropriate controlling behavior, they were head over heels for each other. Unfortunately anger issues made its way into his life, took over his entire life. From problems at home with his dad, and problems with Caitlin everything went downhill for him. As he went from being annoying to being more aware Nick Andreas, changed a great deal from the beginning to the end of the novel.

One way Nick changed was that in the beginning of the story he went from being an annoying pest to now being more certain of things. In the beginning of the story Nick was very annoying. Caitlin filed a restraining order against Nick because of the abusive behavior Nick was treating her with back when they were dating around December. Instead of Nick saying to Caitlin when he saw her “ I’m sorry Caitlin” he says “Why are you doing this Cat?” “I thought we had something special.”(FLINN2) This was Nicks way of being annoying because I’m pretty sure Caitlin has heard this many times before and would have preferred something more like a sorry for all that he has put her through. Another example of Nick having annoying behavior is when he’s in the violence class and Mario asks him why he was they and he says “I don’t know why I’m here. I lost it once and slapped...
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