Topics: Grammatical person, Family, Ghost Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Breathe is a great book, published by Cliff McNish. My personal rating on this book is a 9 out of 10. A young son was courious about the activity and the noises he would hear in the house, he wanted so badly to find what it was but his mother would tell him not to worry about it, so he decided to ignore it as much as possible.The Mother learns to listen to her son as he explains what hes been hearing. The Son learns he shouldnt tell him mom much about the nosies, because it aggrvates her.

I really liked the son. He was really out going, being so young he handled everything approperite. His strength is hes able to go againt things he fears, he is good with communicating and helping people feel save. His weakness would be his mother,she is all he has and as time goes on he starts to see changes. This kid sees things that most kids see at a young age, which made this character more realistic.One day i thought there might have been a ghost in my house, as time went by i didn't see anything nor hear anything and thats the samething or similar that happen with the son. I felt sorry for the son when he tried to tell him mother over and over that there was someine in the house but she never listened. If i could change anything about this story i probaby would have put more family , and also have the son and mother do more things together.

Lonely, invisible, and still wearing the clothes they had died in: the ghosts of four childern were in this house. Something had disturbed their spirits, and now they were rising slowly up from the cool darkness of the cellar. The cellar was closed, but that did not stop them; their bodies, though unable to pass through solid objects , could squeeze into small spaces or under the crack of an old door . BOOM right there my attention was caught i wanted to know more , i wanted to know how those young childern passed away and i was determined to find out....
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