Breastfeeding: the Natural Choice

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Being a first time mother, I set about my journey with the mindset that my daughter would get everything within my power to grow as strong and healthy as possible. The root of this would be nursing her so that she received all the benefits that my mother’s milk would provide her. I believe that if a mother and baby are physically able, mother’s milk and breastfeeding should be the sole feeding source for baby during their first stage of life. Mother’s milk and the act of nursing provide many advantages for both mother and baby. Countless medical professionals agree that breast milk is the right choice of nutrition for newborns. This is because milk that comes from mother contains a high level of vitamins and other essentials that are beneficial to baby’s health. Mother’s Milk has been proven to enhance newborn brain development and reduce the risk of infections and illness. Formula cannot provide the antibodies that my body produces and my milk is tailored to what my baby needs. When I compare my daughter’s health history to other babies her age that are primarily formula fed, I find that Ava has a healthier background. She has not had any ear infections or major sickness and I attribute this to her diet of mother’s milk. I've always been an advocate for breastfeeding - my mother nursed all three of her children and I plan on accomplishing the same. Not only is breastfeeding the natural selection, it provides the backdrop for the strong bond that my daughter and I have developed. The CDC has recommended breastfeeding for as long as possible to reduce the risk of SIDS. Breastfeeding benefits for me, the mother, include a reduction in the risk of certain types of cancers such as Breast and Ovarian and reduction in stress levels. Nursing triggers the release of Oxytocin which promotes relaxation and who can say no to extra relaxation? Another, more obvious reason to breastfeed is it saves so much money. Formula can get expensive so why buy a...
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