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Breastfeeding vs. Bottle-feeding

Breast Feeding VS. Bottle Feeding Formula in Developing Countries July 13 2010

Breastfeeding vs. Bottle-feeding

Background Breastfeeding is a means of providing nourishment to a baby or young

child with milk directly from a human breast rather than a bottle filled with baby formula or artificial milk. In most cases, babies have a suckling reflex that allows them to suck and swallow milk. Most doctors, scientists and child advocacy groups believe that human milk is the most healthy form of milk for human infants. Breastfeeding promotes health, helps prevent disease, and reduces health care and feeding costs. In both poor and wealthy nations, bottle feeding is linked to more deaths and gastroenteritis in infants. Most doctors and scientists believe that breastfeeding is advantageous, but they also may disagree about the optimal length of time for breastfeeding and the safety of using infant formulas. In developing countries, the risk of transmitting disease and mortality to newborns through breast feeding is much less than through the use of bottle formula feeding. Introduction. Formula is not nutritionally complete and does not contain the immune-

boosting properties which are available in breast-milk. Formula is also being consumed by growing babies with immense ever changing nutritional needs, and because of its health effects, formula could be devastating in both the short and long term. In developing countries, mortality to newborns through breast feeding occurs less than through the use of bottle formula feeding (Hoddinott, Tappin, Wright 2008). There are many benefits to both mother and infant when the child is fed breast milk. These benefits include optimum levels of


Breastfeeding vs. Bottle-feeding

carbohydrates, lipids, water and protein needed for a baby’s growth and development. Breast milk also contains several anti-infective elements to help prevent diseases. According to the World Health...

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