Breast Self Exam

Topics: Breast, Mammography, Oncology Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: March 6, 2013
For women of any age they should be giving their self a Breast Exam. The reason for this is so that if they do find a lump in their chest they will be able to go to the doctor and make sure it is not cancer. They could potentially save their own life. As women gets older or even a man a Breast Self-Exam should be given at least once a month. For women, it should be the week right after her period, due to the fact that her breast will not be swollen or tender.

For this project I instructed my mom. The reason I choose my mom was due to the fact that she is a bigger breasted women. And I asked her if she ever gives herself a breast exam, and she said no. During this process of teaching my mom how to do a Breast Self-Exam, I told that she needed to do this at least once a month the week after her period. As I was showing her the power point from class, I told her that she needed to lift one arm up at a time and feel around the breast all the way from the center of the chest to the arm pit, and to either do a circular motion a up and down motion or whatever way was the most comfortable for her and to do that for each breast. During the process I felt awkward and I have learned that I never want to do that again it was just too weird for me. But I also learned that you have to beware and know what’s going on with your body and you have to give yourself breast exams it could help you later in life.
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