Breast Cancer Walk

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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The walk

It was a cold raining Saturday in October. Driving by all you can see is pink. Pink everything; Pink hair, pink shoes, pink socks, pink on people’s faces, pink on dogs. Everywhere you look you saw pink. You have to get there early if you want a good parking space. We got there about 8:30 the event didn’t start until 9. When you first get there you don’t know what to expect. At first there was not a lot of people there, I don’t know if it was because we were early or if it was because of the rain. But once it started to slow down on the rain more and more people started to come. When you walk in you walk through the arch of pink and white balloons. You see all the sponsors’ tables all around. They are there to give you information and for you to also buy things that are related to the cause, all the money goes right back to the society.

As we stand outside waiting for the actives to begin it’s started to rain. You see everyone running to get under the gazebo to try and stay dry. Everyone is crowned in this little area, when you’re in that small of a place you get to meet people and learn things about them. Everyone there is for one reason because someone important to them has battled this battle and has either survived or lost their life to it. After the rain stops, the event really begins to start. They start the music and everyone is dancing. They have their special dance group that comes every year and does a few dance numbers. The dictator of the cancer society asks for all the survivors to come up on stage so everyone can show their support to them. After a few stories and a few more dance number the walk begins.

We make a tunnel for the survivors to walk through as they walk to the pink and white balloon arch. They are the first to walk through once the walk begins, because after all we are there for them. As we walk you see sign all over giving you information about the disease and what companies have helped with the event. They have...
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